Halo 4 - Master Chief (w/ bonus)


Corra_Ashu - Providing me with the models <3
Dragbody - Really good rig for posing, not sure if he even knows that I’m using this. I love you in advance <3<<#<#<# sorry bb
Me - i rigged the shitty playermodel version, did the textures/shaders, & ported the models

Bonus DMR w/ Bodygroups: [t]http://puu.sh/2AiqX

DL Links:

Filesmelt Backup

Good work man.

And I thought it couldn’t be done. Excellent work! :rock::dance::rock:

Just a little note for the GarrysMod.org link, it was only “reported” because it has a RAR packed inside of the ZIP file. Garrysmod.org has an auto-report for archives inside of archives.

-fixed the link-

Well I’m impressed. Pretty awesome this came out so soon after the game was released.



Whoa what the fuck, awesome

Well I’m curious now. How did this get ripped from the game? Because the last time I knew the program used for H3 and Reach extraction was not going to be worked on to get Halo 4 models. But it seems that now there’s a way?

My God. . . Good work. I guess it is true that Spartans don’t die after all.

There is, but filthy plebs like us aren’t allowed to have it or know their methods. The Halo modding community is what happens when you take the worst users of any of those clique-y reverse engineering forums and put then all in one place. Just an endless recursive loop of ‘neener neener neener I’ve got these models but youuuuuu don’t neener neener neener’.

Thankfully, some people are willing to brave those hives of scum and villainy, infiltrate their ranks, and share this stuff with the rest of the internet.

The major problem here is gravemind, his tool can extract models, textures and sounds from halo 4 but he gave it to a very few people and they convinced him to not release the patch for adjutant, So those few people won’t share until they’re the first to do everything they want with the models and textures. and in my eyes they are no better then the people they bitched at over reach extraction not being released 2 or so years ago. here is 1 of the guys that has kept this update from you guys http://www.xfire.com/profile/hmmyoko,

I don’t use adjutant to extract from any version of halo games whether it be 3,odst,reach and 4 and just like halo reach and my last thread i made i released a lot of stuff to the public cause i was getting sick of being told that everything was to be kept private.So i gave a lot of models to Dissolution to put ingame and make them look great just like he did chief here.

halo four
more like
halo snore

Awesome! I’m glad you were able to make use of the rigging I did for this. It’s always nice to give something back to the facepunch community.

The DMR doesn’t cast shadows(the mag prop does). Great release besides that.

Ah yes, thank you dusty.

i’ll try it out immediately…

Looks awesome in SFM. :smile:


Awesome work man. Is there a chance we might see some more ports like Spartan-IVs, Marines, etc?

P.S. How the heck did you port from Halo 4? People told me it’s impossible.

well people are dumb liers.