Halo 4 Model Pack

So while the people in the other Halo thread continue to bicker and postpone the files for as long as they can, I’m going to at least make a good sized release of some Halo 4 models. I’m still working on obtaining the rest of the models, but I figure that people can have some fun with what I’ve been able to obtain so far. I used the new version of the Adjutant tool, and grabbed the .map files from the XboxDB.com database. More files will be added as I continue to work with the maps. Enjoy.
(275MB) OBJ Format / TIF Textures
Alright took me a while to upload this, but here’s the V2 Pack it’s 644MB it’s everything I’ve been able to convert over.
Weapons, most of the characters, most of the vehicles, and most of the equipment.
Download multiple files from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way
New link provided by Katra804

I guess it saves people from having to download those big ass map files.

That’s definitely true, did’nt get any sleep last night because I was up all night downloading the maps. Still have to download the multiplayer maps to see if I can get anything useful from them. Mainly looking for all the armor sets. It’s like a needle in a haystack. A lot of the map files have the same files in them with a few exceptions. Such as the next pack I’ll be uploading soon is probably going to be 600-800MB in size to replace the current pack.
So far I have all the vehicles, all the weapons, almost all the characters (need to figure out why most are missing heads), and most of the equipment extracted. And I’ve only gone through 3 of the .map files.


thanks man for the models and keep up the good work

Looks like I have the next few days planned out then. I’ve managed to extract just about everything usable so far minus a few things, still have to find the armor sets as that’s the top priority for me. I just have to find those unless it’s a dead end search.


Ah that’s probably the 100MB storm_masterchief_mp file I extracted earlier. I could export it but none of my 3D programs would open it successfully.


Halo 4 spartan rigged .img

Is it possible the armor sets could be in the .map files for Disk 2 as well except not all in one file like the storm_masterchief_mp file. I figure there has to be something good in the War Games and Spartan Ops.


Well there went that idea, but I’ll still extract what I can from it as well for others to use.

next time try to upload the packs on mediafire or other site because on sendspace is downloading very slow

It’s fine for me.

I’m hoping to put up a V2 pack soon, but right now my internet is acting up and can’t complete the upload. Will try tonight.

And now I have the Elites, the Scout armor, the Recruit armor, and the Mantis. I guess it’s a good thing I’m waiting to release the next pack it continues to get bigger.
EDIT: I just found the Noble Six model and the Jorge bitmaps in the Chopperbowl Spartan Ops Maps. What the heck are these doing here.


I know I’m just hoping someone will be able to figure out the problem with the Storm_Masterchief_MP file soon, I’ve been able to access the Storm_Elite_AI which has all the Elites in the file, but still doing everything I can to get into that MP file.