Halo 4 Serverpack help

Hello everyone! I uh… honestly don’t really know the best way to go about requests around here, so I suppose the best thing to do is just be direct.

I’m a staff member on one of the servers on Gmod, specifically a Serious RP server. We have a Halo theme and have our our server take place during the inter-war period of the canon (Between Halo 3 and Halo 4). For a while now, we’ve used whatever models we can come across which best fit the athetic, but I’ve been wanting to get us a proper model pack, one that doesn’t glitch all the time or cause a severe amount of lag. Sadly, I simply do not know how to rig and lack proper modeling software, as well as the time to properly educate myself.

You all know what I’m about to ask, and I know a large amount of you (If you haven’t exited out from the page already) are probably going to leave now. But I’m trying to find someone who can create a Player Character model pack (with male and female models along with some bodygroups) out of the various Marine uniforms found in Halo 4, along with the Multiplayer SPARTAN models.

I know that asking this is… probably a bit of a tall order, but I would be quite grateful to anyone willing to assist. Or anyone who’s able to simply point me in the direction of a Halo 4 Marine pack that’s already been made (I’ve done digging and haven’t really found anything, but that may just be me overlooking things).

Thank you to all who read this message, and if you choose not to help, thank you for considering anyways.

I forgot to mention this; anyone who assists can and will be paid accordingly.

sigh look another one of these posts

You’d probably get more help if you added your steam account or enabled pms.

I knew that some people would be upset over a request like this. I’m sorry, I just need the help

Thought they were auto-enabled, I’ll set that up.


I’ve gotten my hands on a model pack, but I require assistance in turning them into player-models.

The creator of this pack is fine with the Model to Playermodel conversion as long as he’s notified, which I plan on doing.

Thank you!