Halo 4 Textures

I’m extracting some models from Halo 4, I can extract the models and their respective textures just fine, but there’s one problem. I extracted Cortana’s model and textures but I don’t know what some of the textures are for. These being the _control, _mask and _flow textures. There’s also a texture called default_cube and I have no idea what it is used for. Can anybody help me with these textures and if so what are they used for?



R: Diffuse
G: spec/exponent
B: Color
A: Illumination map
I may have confused all of these

Does that mean I have to separate the channels from the textures then?


That’s fine I can do that, but what about the _flow texture?

I’d assume that’s the current/light/whatever that runs through her ingame.

Would it be possible to apply this _flow texture to the model?

you know the ‘circuit’ lines that go across her body right? yes that’s what they’re talking about.

Yeah I know what they are talking about, you can clearly see it in game. How would this _flow texture work on Cortana’s model if I were to port the model to gmod or any other Source game?

You could apply it as an animated texture, thus when you compile the model the “circuit” lines would seem like they are moving or “flowing”.

Alright cool, but how would I create the animated texture?

f you’re using 3ds Max, here’s a tutorial on how to create & apply one.

If you’re using another program, simply look for a guide online, since unfortunately I have no knowledge on other 3d programs.

That tutorial is helpful, but how would you create an animated texture like that for use in a Source game?

how did you extract the model from the game?

With a program called Adjutant.