Halo 5 Guardians - Custom Spartan-IV for Source Filmmaker

I Really want some help , Please

I Get the idea of having my own Halo 5 Spartan-IV to use in SFM, Im a really New user here and everywere and I’ve never done anything like this before or never, I’m at a complete loss on what I need to do.


Primary Color - Cobalt

Secondary Color - White

Here’s the armor permuations that I intend to include.

Helmet - Security

All the Rest Body - Vigilant (The Jun Armor )

Now, obviously, the armor permuations for the current Halo 5 Spartans that are out now for SFM are not all combined into one model. This makes things difficult as I have no knowledge on how to apply bodygroups onto a specific model. Also, since the base model is white to start with, it’s going to be difficult to apply the secondary color onto my model. If anyone helps, I would definitely appreciate it.
P.S:** This Request applies to Source Filmmaker ONLY

…and yeah More than somebody knew, they should have realized that this is almost a copy and paste of the Benoski Petition, I’m sorry, but I thought the most orderly way to lose help, I hope your help soon.

If you want a example of the armor here is ( i make it in “Print your Spartan” from the official page of Halo Waypoint ) :


Talk to Soul since he is the one who has the assets.

But seeing you, you have only one post and don’t make decent arts, I doubt that no one is gonna accept your request.

Piss off with the “oh you don’t make good stuff” bullshit. Everyone starts somewhere.

Anyway, I’m not particularly interested in making custom ports for anyone anymore.
I did, however, recently release the Security set as part of any update to my Halo 5 MP sets,
but haven’t gotten around to the Vigilant armor yet.

Lastly, we have a dedicated Halo thread, so please just post this kind of stuff there.

I was lucky with my request. I didn’t think anyone was actually going to do it, but I posted it anyway and Soul did it.

There’s also a dedicated Halo thread, so use that.

You’re using Jun’s Reach armor with a helmet from Halo 4. Why not just use a Reach model and a Halo 4 helmet?

Alright , Thanks! i gonna…try to post there.

Because it’s the Halo 5 iteration.

Alright Thanks Soul_!