Halo 5 models

I was wondering if anyone’s managed to extract the raw model files from halo 5 guardians. I know its only been out for two weeks but some one seems to have already ripped bits of it.


and at the moment adjutant doesn’t even support Halo 2 Anniversary

I still don’t get why some people love 343i’s art design. The texturing details looks like It’s a painted cardboard and the glossy shadering making everything look plastic and their 3D art is just too hard to like if you’re still in-love with Bungie’s assets.

To answer your question! I think Gravemind (Creator of Adjutant) already got extraction working privately and shared it to some people (The ones who were showing off Halo 5 rips.) I’m not sure about this and that’s my theory since he’s the only one who doesn’t keep things away from the public.

What we’re seeing on FP is all ripped from the Halo Waypoint “Make your Spartan” thing. It has high poly helmets and texhsuit, but the armor variants are dumbed down. Also if they’ve already cracked Xbox Ones encryption that was fast. Lastly there is an entire thread about porting from the Halo franchise.

The only things from Halo 5, that I’m aware of at least, are the assets from the Waypoint app. The only thing worth using from there is the bodysuit, which appears to be at game quality, or just slightly less.
I have it rigged and in Source, but it still has some issues to iron out before I release it.

I also do have a few of the helmets from the app, but they aren’t worth using at all due to the terrible texture resolution (256 x 256).

So presently the best option is to adapt Halo 4 armor to the Halo 5 bodysuit.

Are you talking about on here or elsewhere?

Theoretically you could upscale the textures and paint more detail on them, not much you can do about the polygon count though.
And until the Xbone encryption is broken OR Halo 5 comes to PC, we won’t be seeing any Halo 5 stuff.

How did you get the models from the app? I’ve been trying to get Mark IV Armor from it but its a pain