halo.Add exhaust FPS

Is it possible to fix somehow halo.add? Or how to make stencil for players?
And if possible… how to make Glow through wall (just GLOW) by using stencil
Thanks in advance.

If your PC can’t handle it then you should consider changing it. Anyway, you can see source code of halos here:

thx. I just asked because when I used this last time, it exhaust FPS so hard. From 100+ to 15…Whenever Stencil doesn’t do that.

Are you adding them in the right hook?


Halos create a lot of lag if you have a lot of them running at once with high pass, blur, and whatnot.

The last argument to halo.Add() is boolean and that determines whether they are visible through walls.

I found a way to make it less laggy, put all your ents you want to add a halo to in a table, then use that table instead of each individual entity in halo.add. It boosted my fps by about 40.

Oh well derp that’s why the first argument is a table not an entity.

If I remember correctly, halo.Add actually causes crashes on some clients in TTT.

You just can’t be stupid about it.

I always leave an option to turn it off in the settings menu whenever I have halos in TTT.

Yeah, I generally give players options to turn off everything unneeded.

However, a crash is still a crash - especially when there’s no information on how to prevent it :tinfoil: