I remember that there used to be (maybe it still exists) a function of which the halo was white and only when player looked at it, back in gmod 12. I want to use halos, but this one is really too expensive to process
and reduces FPS, and simply takes too much. I’m talking about the old function of which PERP used, that a weed plant turned white as it became ready.

Anyone has an idea? Thanks.

ENTITY:DrawEntityOutline( Bordersize(float)? )

self:DrawEntityOutline( 1.0 )

Idk, you could try that, not sure if it works or even exists.

Alright, more opinions?

You will have create one yourself. What you want to do is to scale the model and apply texture/color to it in a render hook and then draw the actual model over those previously drawn scaled models. This will create GMod 12 like outline.

Are you sure it no longer exists in gmod 13? I’ve seen it on perp.

Yes. Perp might have copied it from 12.

Alright. Thanks for your help.