Halo: Combat Evolved (First muzzle flash test)



I say muzzle flash, more like huge ass rocket flash of death. Might not look great, but it is my first so go easy! But do be critical if it could be improved, etc.

i know its your first, but jesus christ thats HUGE

Well, it is a rocket launcher. :smiley:

Looks more like a flamethrower, but still alright for a first try.

The shadows and reflections look good!

ugly lens flare

Yeah, I know. But I can’t get rid of it now without going back to the beginning. Which sucks.

What were you thinking adding it in the first place?

Gah, I dunno. Looks really tacky.

Nice lighting. Though, the first thing I thought when I saw the picture was plastic. The chief looks like he’s made of plastic. Probably just the models fault.

Aye, the model looks somewhat plastic. And the other Halo Chief model’s armour looks messed up.

Chief is like lime green…

Updated with newer version. No FUCKING LENS FLARE!!! :smiley:

The muzzleflash is pretty nice.
I don’t see anything wrong with the lens flare

Cool camera angle and posing. That flash needs more of a white glow around it though, nearer the centre, and then gradually fade into more orange colours.

this is your first

it’s almost wallpaper quality good

Well, the original edit looked tacky with the lens flare, but this new edit has had it removed.

Ah right, I tried to mimic your tutorial, but I might have messed it up in certain parts. I’ll try to improve.

Thanks! :smiley:
And thanks to all who commented.

I like. :q:

Do want, but with better Masterchief model.
Looks great though!

There is another MC model with the original colours but the phong or something is messed up.