We are editing a DarkRP and replacing models and sweps with the Halo Style objective. Below, we show what we have done so far and what we need to do.


*Replaced DarkRP Models with Halo Models

  • Replaced the Sweps
  • Created Custom Jobs

What We need to do:

*Get a good, professional, website.

  • Get a custom HUD
  • Get a custom F4 Menu
  • Get our MOTD to link to the website

Please post if you can help us with any of these things.

Helping us will result in admin on the server, as long as you do not abuse it.


o.O Please don’t use darkrp… No offense but darkrp + halo = 10 year old halo players who came at the thought of both of they’re favourite things combined together.

What else would I use?

Cakescript, GModRP, and theres more that I’m to lazy to look for.


Cakescript, tacoscript, gmodrp, go do your research, I’d suggest cakescript for beginner and tacoscript 1 for somebody who knows what he’s doing

Halo RP? Seriously?

Yes. Seriously. It seems like a decent idea, hell they have RP for war, why not halo? :smiley:

There was a Halo RP before using lemonadescript where you start out as a ODST (you have to get your gear) It was pretty fun because of the missions and the passive roleplay inside the space station.

HaloRP? No.NO.NO

**Dear god no...**


HaloRP,Ok if its serious…HalodarkRP,Please no…Just no.

I think everyone can guess what my answer is if they look to the 2 above posts -_-

I made a decision, I am not making HaloRP.


Serious HaloRP is actually quite nice, played it before. But not with DarkRP.

With the new release of nexus, this project could be more serious. :open_mouth:

He probably doesn’t know how to set up Nexus as he is using DarkRP as it is.

Speaking of which, could you PM me a list of Nexus servers? I just “discovered” RP, myself, and I’ve been playing Relentles Nexus HL2 RP alot lately. Have already come to the conclusion that it’s undeniably the best.