Halo & doom 3 model requests

If possible, I want these models as skins for CSS. Much appreciate if done.
PS if you say that they are on the forums already, THEY ARE NOT.
I’ve been looking through the forums for at least 30 minutes now >,>



MAGNUM -> deagle


DOOM 3 SMG -> P90

You could take the Halo 3 Battle Rifle instead.

where at?

Nobody has ported it yet but I think someone will.

Let’s hope so

The irony of that battle rifle, its the beta battle rifle anyways… Even if you do import into gmod its still gonna show how low poly it is even with out the normal. The FP battle is much better and is not optimized and good for world models. Especially with the real normal map heh.

For Doom 3 models if you want to extract it your self or if anybody else wants to. There is pk4 files in C:/…Doom 3/Base. Open it with WinRar and extract the md5’s were ever they are (I havn’t done it in a long time).
Go there and search for what program your using which is 3ds max probably and the script for it. For 3ds max put it in your Scripts folder and done. Just load it up and import it in.

I think bitmaps are in .dds format in the pk4 files…yeah they are.

It is possible to fix stuff such as low poly. In programs as 3d’s max and stuff like that.

Yeah, I think you can, but I’m no expert. The best you might do is a hi-res texture.

Hi-res texture + High poly count = Bungie Eater.

[Edit]: GMod can handle it so, why not?

someone please port these :stuck_out_tongue: