halo elite and grunt

could someone please rip these? because alien/religious nutters are cool, and although i believe that as soon as civil and shotgunguy find this thread i will have 2 dumbs- this is still worth asking for

since they are the backbone of the covenant (fuck jack-holes) i think they are fairly important and should be put into gmod, i would greatly prefer it if the animations could be ripped also (and possibly some renaming so that they can use weapons)

the prefered elite model

reach minor elite, in halo 1 and to some extent halo 2 elites had the same armour but with different colours- blue is minor, red is major, white is ultra and gold is zealot (the highest rank)

another good one


elite of the second rank, colored red

there are much more elites models, but these outrank them in importance (especialy since halo 1 only used one elite model, it looks most like the first image, halo 2 used different models for specialists , like the honour guard and the jetpack elite, but otherwise used the same model for every other elite


halo 3 grunt, which may be a good idea to use instead of the reach one as all the ranks use the same model but with different skins (yellow as minor, red as major, green as heavy weapons guy, black/dark grey as spec opps and white as ultra


alternatively, reach grunts could be used, although they would be more of a pain in the ass as they dont share as much

i would realy prefer if the animations could be ripped (and altered) for the grunt so that an snpc could be made out of it


Jesus christ theres been so many requests for this. If it was then why have they not been done yet?

Get someone to do it from scratch if your that interested.

OP is like 10 years old, every one that does that ripping is like 20.
I do not think they want to give their stuff to him.

Good work rating all of my posts dumb OP.
Because I had some evidence that I did stuff in the past.

holy shit jack leave this alone we are trying over on the halo model thread so stop clogging up the fp community with this shit please and thank you

then howabout you do something?\

@civil - jog on

hey do you guys know where to get a prophet model from?