Halo Elite Player Model

Can someone make a player model out of the model from this npc? (I believe this model is also within dans snpcs)

I need an alien like player model for a michinima I am thinking about making. Its going to be partially based off of District 9.
(I originally was going to ask for a vortigaunt player model, but after searching around google and facepunch I discovered it is impossible without custom animations.)

The model is definately using the same bone placement as half life 2 models so I know this can be done. Can someone make it, i have absolutely no skill in model making let alone Player Models or anything with animations.


Forgot to mention I don’t want to use the huge player model pack. For one I only need one player model, no more. Secondly I got rid of svn because of it giving me constant interupting error messeges every time I uploaded a video to youtube or a picture to filesmelt. (the errors would keep appearing over and over while I was searching for the file. I couldn’t even click out of them!) If there is another pack then please tell me.


Sorry for the bump, But i’d rather have the halo elite player model then waste the 2.10 gigs on my hard drive that are left on player models I don’t need. I only need one.


Nevermind, missread your post.

Wait… what?