Halo fight

Pose I originally made for the H2H Combat competition, but couldn’t get it edited in time.


Garry’s mod needs higher resolution Halo models
Soldier in the back is getting stabbed in the back by an energy sword
Imagine the energy sword all glowy and such
Tank got owned
Editing by azndude
I heart notes

COMPARISON: http://comparescreenshots.slicx.com/comparison/27705

there is a halo pack with a glowing sword btw, dont ask me though cause i cant remember which one

i see no fight

There are four fights.

  1. The soldier trying to NOT get cut in half with the energy sword.
  2. The Harrier firing a missile at the Covvie dropship.
  3. The tank fending off more Covvies.
  4. The 1st soldier’s buddy firing at more Covvies.

Good day, I SAID GOOD DAY! :slight_smile:

okay well we can’t see any of it really

You ought to zoom out. To close for a real impression of it. It is the picture that should be telling people what is happening.

What he tried to mean is that even if the idea’s there, you didn’t do an impressive stuff there.
They’re not fightning, just staring at each others.

The main focus of this was supposed to be the Elite and the soldier because it was originally made for Uberslug’s contest. Looking at this again, I think I should have made the soldier look more like he was pushing against the Elite’s brute force. Thanks.