Halo Grunt Playermodel Request for Garry's mod

I have been DYING to have the halo grunts as a playermodel. The main issue I have is that grunts are not normal human sized, which is why I request this to be made. I’m sure someone can help me play as a grunt. Either that or somehow turn the existing ragdolls into playermodels. I just want to be able to play as a grunt because they are my favorite alien species in the Halo franchise. Is there anyone that can fix my problem?

Current Grunt Ragdolls:
Halo Reach

Halo 3

No one can help me satisfy my request?

I have worked on both of those and just like the 13654 npc/playermodel requests in both of them you are not going to see a grunt playermodel.

You can never understand how hard it would be, or how long time it would take to make this.

Doesn’t help that you’re offering absolutely nothing for all this work somebody would put in. Ya, someone could do it, but shit ain’t free.