Halo: Halos in Space Machinima

You all have probably seen the famous machinima series, Half-Life: Full Life Consequences. If not, they’re worth checking out.

What you may not have known was that squirrelking, the author of the four-part train wreck of a fanfic adapted into Garry’s Mod, also created several other equally crappy works of fan fiction. My colleagues and I aim to create a machinima out of Halo: Halos in Space.

Where do you come in? We need links to any Halo props you can muster! We already have the Halo Player Models pack from the Huge Player Collection thread, but we need some quality models with non-Spartan Space Marines. We checked the boards pretty thoroughly, and unfortunately, the best models we could find don’t have a link.

We already have some Halo SWEPs, but if you know of any others we could use, it would be much appreciated.

We plan on doing this right. We have one guy working on adapting a script and storyboards, myself on some of the nastier lua if necessary, and several prop manipulators.