Halo M6D Pistol (pistol reskin)

My second skin in the series, this skin replaces (if you didnt already know) the HL2 pistol with the Halo CE pistol. All animations and sounds included.


Why don’t you just release these as a pack instead of thread after thread after thread?

I was too enthusiastic to get these models out. My next release will be in a pack though. To anyone who sees this, I am working on a plasma rifle and plasma grenade, so yeah. I am having trouble finding the materials for the plasma rifle, though, so if anyone knows where I could get some good materials, please send me a link. (I have tried hammy’s prop pack already)

This fits better as a replacement for the 357. The magnum in the game itself doesn’t shoot fast.

I found that to be irritating. It’s supposed to be a military pistol, right? Then why is it not semi-automatic?

No no no no that’s not the definition of a skin you tard.

And this is not just a semi for skins you tard.