Halo Marine/ODST Citizens

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Halo ODST/Marine Citizens and Haloish/Sci-Fi Model Hacks
[tab]Description:[/tab] All 9 male citizens in ODST/Marine gear, along with some random model hacks that look Halo/Sci-Fi-ish.
[tab]Installation:[/tab] Extract everything to Addons.
[tab]Download:[/tab] http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=111895
[tab]Credits:[/tab] AcePilot, Flamester, and the guys at Facepunch’s Halo Thread and Bungie, Medrop, J-dawg, Junin, Letsgroove, Nexus Elite, Predaaator, Proj3ct_ZeRo, BlackOps, Medrop, Rentehdragon, and Ignyu.[/release]




Holy shit, great work


I must say, This is the first I’ve posted in quite awhile, But I had to post because these are just superb. very nice job.

After the 147 model release threads I have lurked this one gets my download.

Sorry, I found out that I missed a file for the EVA Shock Trooper.

Awesome job! You deserve a high five. high-fives

This is something I have wanted since ever!
Good work

I’m going to change my HL2 citizens to these guys now.

Really nice work!

Are you gonna do the females?

They look great. Female models would be worth the effort though.

I’ll definitely give it a shot if I can get a hold of the mesh for the female marines.

couldent you have picked a better eva visor colour?

Guys when I got the marine files there were women skins but no women models so idk where to get them if you can shotup try an get a hold of ghostz he may have them

Nice job.

sweet models