Halo ODST drop pod sent

This is the Halo odst drop pod sent for Garry’s Mod

All basic functions of the pod are finished. there are no effects, sounds or any kind of shiny extras like HUDs. The pod bay is a temporary model. The pod model will be the same on first release and a update will be released after that with a new pod model. you may notice some bugs that i need to fix in the video below.

Beta testing:
Positions are full

to do:

basic demonstration:

ability to smash through certain props:

New HUD:


Eligible beta testers:
Bail Organa3

reported bugs/complaints:
-files not downloading to clients
-not enough viewing area in the model
-needs more ingame instructions
-get rid of weapon pickup notices
-it has been confirmed that another addon conflicts with the pod. further testing will identify this addon.

other notes:
-beta testing positions full
-the pod is running fully automated in the video
-you can set the pod to manual to steer it, but then you need to deploy the chutes manually too and fire the thrusters with SHIFT
-notice that the hatch goes down at the landing, i set the direction the hatch wrong, it is supposed to fly away from the pod
-note that the pod uprights itself when the chute deploys
-the chute’s physics are messed up

me: coding
rentehdragon: halo 2 odst pod model
ll7: help solve modeling problems and making the next pod model

here you can have you progress bar, now rub your faces all over it:
0% lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 100%

DONE you wankers

TBH it could use more sounds. And an impact effect.

those are all effects which i’ll add later

Wasn’t in your todo, that’s all.

It looks pretty good right now, but maybe add some landing blast or something?

Have a bad reading.

Where at all does he say he was going to add it? I think you need to look again, and yes I did read where he said it hasn’t got any shiny effects to it, I was merely giving an idea.

HAHAH! hehe first comment on the vid… Plus fracking beast pod! i have always loved the halo series

that would fall under shiny extras. i’ll change it to reduce confusion.

Looks good. I always enjoyed your BF2142 drop pod sent.

Looking good cheese! It’s nice to have the new thread up so we can talk about it now. When this thin gets all its bells and whistles and gets stable, its gonna pwn soooo hard! Keep up the good work cheese.

Looks pretty good for now, needs a lot of work/

yup. i’m just perfecting the landing detection system.

yo this is looking sweet!

i dont want to sound a bit pushy but is there any eta on when the pod will be finished?

I think you should have tools/physgun affect pod. It would make it where you could mess up a pod landing and you could make machinima with it.

Wasn’t another guy working on one of these?


edit the code yourself, just delete a few lines. or just use the model.

don’t think so, i know that someone else was remodeling the pod model but then they stopped.

No, the last guy who did this released an advanced Duplicator entity that spazzed out when you used it.

There will be some delays with the pod because my bull freakin horse shit computer decided that it was too old and died on me.

no please tell me you saved the data