halo odst visr

I was playing halo 3 odst and I loved how on the press of a button the screens lights up and activates your visr.

The visr outligns walls and your gun orange. It makes all friendly people green and enamy’s red. All health kits and weapon are blue. It allso lights up dark maps.

My question is can somone make me this so I can toggle it on and off at a press of a button. And I gues this would be clientside so I can use it on online servers.

Video I found: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZC8ZiLCa0Y
The video has the visr terned on at the start.

im guessing that this will be very hard to do and that would be why no ones game but someone might come along. . .

Could just make an overlay that makes the map fullbright on the press of the flashlight button.

duno that might be kinda gay. …

I don’t care very much about getting the map brighter. What I am asking for is making friendly npc/players a green outlighn and enamy’s red. And possably weapons on the floor blue.