Halo, or WW2 etc 'Sticky Grenade' (plasma grenade)

Just requesting a plasma grenade from either… the world wars sticky…

or Halo (1-2-3)…

The Halo grenade, doesn’t have to be that detailed for the skin, I’m not picky, only thing i ask is that if it is possible…IF when thrown it has its ‘blue aura’ and trail when thrown and that it will stick to npc’s, props, and
have a slight bounce off map(s).

The World war how ever, same kind of thing not picky about the skin but instead, no bouncing off props or map(s).

If some one would do or help me with this (i can skin the models) it would be most appreciated.

The bouncing thing is a LUA job and there’s already a plasma grenade model in here:


Also the “Blue Aura” would likely be most easily done by a LUA coder but I suppose you could use an attachemt with a particle effect (but then it would always have it, and if there’s no existing effect like it, I highly doubt you’d be able to find anyone who knows how to make them).

oh sorry i looked for a pack but never found one, ill have this thread closed thank you!

oh but wait is it a Weapon pack like a Swep?

SWEPs are the LUA coder’s problem not ours :stuck_out_tongue: Go ask in the LUA section.

And there are some Halo SWEPs on GMod.org but I don’t think theres a grenade one.

yeah i went through all those packs no grenades :frowning: but okay ill go see what i can get, thanks for the help

There is a Grenade model in that pack I linked you but its just a model, it doesn’t have the Valve Biped Right Hand bone (at least I don’t think it does).