Halo, or WW2 'Sticky Grenade' (plasma grenade)

Just requesting a plasma grenade from either… the world wars sticky…

or Halo (1-2-3)…

The Halo grenade, doesn’t have to be that detailed for the skin, I’m not picky, only thing i ask is that if it is possible…IF when thrown it has its ‘blue aura’ and trail when thrown and that it will stick to npc’s, props, and
have a slight bounce off map(s).

The World war how ever, same kind of thing not picky about the skin but instead, no bouncing off props or map(s). (when i say the skin doesn’t matter what model with materials it is, unless you can get me some one to compile it either way works)

I like this.

I don’t think it would be that hard to get a grenade to stick, afterall, look at the magnuson…

that’s a good point, maybe if some one is able to shrink the model, have the same characteristics for sticking, but change the damage and effect then just maybe it can work

thanks :smiley: I’m going to start seeing if i can learn some coding for this

Thats the way. Id recomend looking at the grenade code, and the magnuson code, and figuring out how to apply the magnuson stickyness with the grenade timer

had another idea, the bug bait! i could make the right click set off the grenade, so you can do a ‘Suicide grunt’ style kind of thing and if left click to throw. all i would have to do is see if i can have a model and such which with the coding wont explode into a sprite with little bugs around it. I’ll go see what i can do though.

If you’d like someone can use the “sticky” base code from the sticky grenade already within GMod Plus, to make your own (IE: I’ve already done this.)

Hurr hurr:

Name: OnThink
function ENT:OnThink()

    // Totally didn't steal this idea from Halo: Combat Evolved
    local phys = self.Entity:GetPhysicsObject()
    if (phys:IsValid()) then
            if (phys:GetVelocity():Length() <= 80 && self.Entity:GetParent() == NULL) then
                    if (!self.m_bIsTriggered) then
                            self.m_flDetonateTime   = CurTime() + GRENADE_TIMER;
                            self.m_flWarnAITime             = CurTime() + GRENADE_TIMER - FRAG_GRENADE_WARN_TIME;
                            self.m_bIsTriggered             = true;


sweet thanks! now one thing how could i get model, either the halo one, or another and apply it and such. I looked up some Lua, i haven’t gotten a clue how to do it even after tutorials.

WW2? You don’t mean the sticky BOMB, do you? Because that was just a sock with a bunch of comp B in it slathered in gasoline? (Yes, the Saving Private Ryan IED’s that take out the tank treads)

ha yes that’s the one i think it was oil they used? but yes that’s the gist of what i was going for

Motor oil, I think.