Halo Porting Thread V.2 "i used a deus ex font for the banner." Edition





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Ports from the previous thread


Dissolution’s Halo reach elites

My Raif Port

Civil’s Halo Map


Shotgunguys Bodyglove elite

And why was the other thread closed?

garry switched the post count from 10000 to 1000 so when someone posted in a thread that already had 1000 posts it would close.

Lame. Anyways, because of the font, it looks like it says “I used deus ex font for the bonner”

Let’s hope that those wierdos won’t find this, the deus ex reference in the thread name might confuse them :v:

Should add a big red banner.

"Don’t request anything"

also you’re missing this…

and that weapons pack with the crates.

im not putting that since alot of people request stuff anyways.

Oh wow, seems like my post triggered that.
Either way, I’ll just put my post back here:

Also, the halo reach models pack doesn’t have textured. Alot of comments already said so. Any chance of a fix coming?

All of my dumb ratings, for you.

I am normally very silent and I almost screamed loud because of this you are saying.



and was relinked a long time after that with a bunch of other stuff.


But here they are in this thread:


Thanks, I guess? I didn’t really expect help from someone insulting me as dumb…

I’m sorry that me being new here and therefore not following the old topic since it started had an influence on the rating of my intelligence.

What are you even doing? Making sense? Not likely.

But we’d all love you if you contributed nicely.

We’d love you in many ways… many ways.

(everyone else= would it be wise to put a tutorial in the op about how to rip from halo? It would be good for newcomers)

Sorry man, I have yet to get any experience (models), but I’m looking into doing something like modelling and porting, but I don’t have any experience, so yeah… Would love to see some tuts on how to port but this is probably the wrong section. I really want Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory models into the source engine, so I’ll look into that. I’ll gently shut up and refrain from posting, for now.

Its extremely simple, adjutant is pretty streamlined and straightfoward. Only thing I can see people having a hard time with is getting clean proper maps in the same folder (or finding them for that matter). Just generate the maxscript, find your desired model and click the export model button. As it stands now, theres no need to do any special tricks with the bitmaps anymore, so that problem has been eliminated (provided your using ps cs4 or under/anything that splits .tiff files alpha channels on import, If not theres a file extension that solves this).

If nobody else can provide anything, i can see what put together.

The main things you NEED in order to extract anything would be.

Absolute minimum required map files; Campaign.map, Shared.map, Mainmenu.map (plus any one other map of your choosing). If these files have been edited, or corrupted (bad download), they won’t work. The best source for maps would be from a raw iso, but i doubt many of you are motivated enough to find one and extract the files. All of these maps must be in the same folder, so they can reference each other, the folder itself does not matter.

In order to import Raw emf files into 3ds max you must have the maxscript (theres a generator with the app). Can’t comment on the obj extraction, since i don’t use it, and theres a experimental jma export thats only meant for CE, so ignore it.

Not at my desktop atm, so i can’t go in depth about anything.

My google drive link still has 99.9% of the reach maps.


My dropbox still has breackneck(headlong).


well this is interesting


(corra is the best)

Is that seriously what I think it is? Maybe there is an SDK for Halo 4 after all. It just hasn’t been publicly released yet.

if you’re thinking of a model from Dust 514, you’re absolutely right. cut content

I’ll have to check that out.

Just watched a gameplay trailer for Dust 514. . . It looks like almost everything in that game is Halo - Battlefield 2142 inspired. Geez. They even had rocket hogs with hover scorpions and mini scarabs.

Adjutant 3 has been released, have fun.


Original announcement on halomaps

Much, much more model and texture fixes. The list goes on, just check the changelog for full changes and updates.

Oh, and gravemind took the time to create documentation in the form of an in app option for “help”, covers pretty much everything.