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H5 material by blueflytrap

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So, thanks to BlueFlytrap’s shading and model smoothing methods, I’ve got a renewed interest in porting Halo 5 stuff. I’ll do some experimenting and figure out what the best way to approach weapons and MP armors is.

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Can I suggest adding that brief guide to using Adjutant to the OP so we can direct people to it whenever we get a new guy in here asking how to extract content

Wheres the guide? I’ll add it to the OP, and any other suggestions for OP


Continuing from the last thread where renegade 20 was having issues importing .dds files. the Halo 5 uses DTX10 or 11 .dds files so opening it in gimp is difficult, or at least when I tried it.

I’m gonna keep recommending it but it worked so much for me lately where Microsoft Visual Studio is capable of importing those .dds files and you can also use it to convert it into a .png or .tga file

best part is it’s free. just download it. then to open the .dds files hit file/open/file ->click (nameofimage).dds file and you opened it and it should show. then when you want to convert it simply hit save as then change the file type and even rename the image. easy


My Work on the Halo: Reach Sangheili General. The Model\Ragdoll itself comes from Dissolution\Dusty. There are differences from the official HR Elite General. Textures were done in Photoshop CS6. The Yellow\Gold\Green phong is powered by a .VMT File. I modified the Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Combine Hunter phongwarp file (mini_iridescence.vtf), so it would produce a gold effect. I also modified his eyes to have the Halo 3 Elite eyes and… they glow…

Pictures, Rendered in Garry’s Mod. The Forerunner Z-390 High-Explosive Munitions Rifle (Incineration Cannon) comes from soul

Nice work!
I really like they way how you have chosen to get those reflections on the armor, they look close to perfect.

Hey. Quick question. Where can I find the Bishop/Watcher model? I saw Koldraxon use it in his most recent artwork and wondering where to locate it. I’m not really up to date if there have been any releases because of X-mas shopping.

Are you sure they aren’t in the mega pack SoulBurnin released a while back?

I don’t see them anywhere.

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Crap. I may need to re-download the mega pack.

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Oh wait, Nevermind. Koldraxon Informed me that a guy on Devianart ported it. for those who are looking, here is the WIP Watcher.


hey, quick question, did the full ship of inifinity get ported? And what i mean by that is like did most of the ship sections get ported? I know there is a hangar bay, some hallways, and the deck, but i think there was another part of the ship that in the campaign you were in a mantis and explored the ship. Also, i found the clothing lasky wears, but its not rigged correctly, so the arms and legs are weird when you animate it.(Note, its NOT Lasky, but people in the clothing he wears)

(Its either one of these files, but i downloaded all and got the model): https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=4000&searchtext=halo+roleplay&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=textsearch&section=home

And Use this to download it: http://steamworkshopdownloader.com/

Then just use 7zip and Gmod Extractor, then put it in sfm

Fredrika, Would you be willing to give a me a download link to the WIP Reach brutes? I’m working on a project that sort of requires them. Just the WIP’s with the bugs you mentioned. I’m just asking for the Models/Materials files, not the 3DS Max-like files. Not player models, not SNPCS etc…

By the way, I’m not forcing you, just asking and if you do provide a download link. I promise not release them anywhere on the web. PROMISE!!

Get Adjutant, and download the map files for Reach. If you only need the models and material files, you can easily extract the Brutes from any of the Reach maps they appear on.

Are there .map files for Halo 5: Forge, yet, by chance? Is Adjutant up-to-date and compatible?

I’m looking for Models I can pose in Garry’s Mod with the Advanced bone tool. All I really need in working textures and ‘.dx90.vtx-.mdl-.vvd’ models files of the Minor, Captain Major and Chieftain. If there are texture errors I can try and fix them using Photoshop. It would be nice if the model was bodygrouped, so I would be able to use random armor pieces from the three ranks to create a different looking brute. But if it isn’t bodygrouped, I’ll be cool with that.