halo props for mapping

I would like some models to put in (instead of regular hl2 stuff) a map I’m making for g-mod called Earth City based off of New Mambossa from Halo 2-3 and ODST. What i need are some cars, computers and signs, and as an extra if you want textures!


I shall do you a favor. Dont put your name at the end of your message, it usually results in people bitching.

And what kind of cars and signs? People will need to know? :slight_smile:

Just about all the cars in Halo look the same.

In ODST there are street cars, police cars, trucks etc.

Trucks would be cool.

I do have the car models from New Mombasa in Halo 2, textures too

Yeah, and they all look the same. The trucks are basically the only unique vehicle, and they are basically stretched sedans.

i want street cars if possible some destroyed tanks and warthogs but street and police cars are good. signs are like ads or warnings and rentehdragon that is great!!

might you share them with us?

Well i have one last demand before i give up. Is it possible to get at the very least a ODST Drop pod prop?

well it looks like this isn’t working

I also have all Halo 2 textures (aviable) including the road and border of it etc. Yellow texlights too. Im working on a halo 2 map that im not sure if i will make done. But when i feel like releasing it i will include my mapping textures and all that i used in the download. New Mombasa styled offcourse. Using its textures. I have got a video of my latest progress here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGdoRoQc4lE. Comment it too please.


H4CK3R medrop is modeling up a Halo 3 Odst Drop Pod now. So i think we will get one.