Halo Reach Covenant Elites

Honestly I think it’s a about time we get some covenant elite models. It would be amazing if some one where to do this. I <3 Elites, They are my favorite game charectors and it would be a big deal for me if some one would port them to gmod.

Its currently impossible to get Reach models.

Tell that to the guys who made the Reach Spartan models.

Thats an exception. If it were possible to get the rest of Reach’s models, it would have been done by now.

One guy got some private Halo 3 elites, i got a pic of 'em.


I think its HunterDNRC who have 'em, im not sure.

They won’t be released though.

Halo Reach pistol got released the other day. . .

Obviously the naysayers don’t know what they are talking about. Because first, it’s impossible to get the reach models, then it’s, they won’t be released though. When not only have the Halo Reach spartan models been released, even the pistol and knife has. Sure that isn’t much, but it’s a start.

Nothing is truly Impossible.

I’d love to get my hands on some Reach elites.

The pistol was someones model, not bungies.

Was it still the Reach pistol? Yes.

Also, found the credits for the Halo Reach Magnum

Bungie - All Models & Textures
JakeGreen (Corra_Ashu) - Spartan 3ds Max Model (I got the knife from there)
Chief-01 (From Deviantart) - Magnum 3ds Max Model
Killionaire1175 (Me) - Exporting & Compiling Ingame"

Huh,strangely people pointed my comment out as dumb, when all I really did was point out how they denied the possibility of porting halo reach models and then saying something else. None the less, I hope to get my hands on Halo Reach elites aswell.

Obviously the naysayers don’t know what they are talking about. Because first, it’s impossible to get the reach models

That is why they (Including me) rated you dumb.

Nothing is impossible, i live by that motto.

Currently it is not possible to get the models because only select few people have the tools required to get them and they won’t release them or use them for getting the models to gmod. So, stop bugging they will get ported when they get ported.

I knew I should have put quotations around it.

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Shame that modders can’t seem to share programs for the good of us all. Anywho, does anyone know if there are any more updates on getting Reach Spartans with all the armor customizations?

And can someone point me to a tutorial on how to do custom skins for the mod that’s been out in previous threads? I would greatly appretiate it since I’m doing a comic and I would like to have custom skins for Spartans when I introduce them.


I guess for now its a lost cause. Ill just have to wait, but waiting is so hard.
and what exactly makes it so hard/impposible? I dont know much about this stuff, so if some one could share some enlightment?

There are no 360 emulators, so to get the models you have to tamper with your xbox, which unless you know what you’re doing, that results in rendering your xobx useless. The only people who know what they’re doing wont share the information.