Halo Reach - Female UNSC Army/Marines

Gmod.org: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=134525
Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=173090105
Filebeam: http://filebeam.com/15610fe0c9adfe22bcb3b2611d3e1ac9

Description: There are three models with full face/eye/finger posing, 18 skin groups for camo/eye color, and a total of 23 body groups for equipment, arm/leg armor, helmets, glasses, hair, backpacks, and leg styles. They are ONLY ragdolls, as the original game rigging was used and I have no idea how scripting works. The reason the male marines weren’t included is because it took roughly a month of daily work to get to this point with the female marines, and the male marine’s set has a lot of model files that would need to be bodygrouped, made face/finger/eye posing compatible, and with school starting back up, who knows how long that would have taken. SO, for the sake of actually getting content out there, here you go!

Credit goes to Microsoft and Bungie for Halo Reach and its game assets, and a big thanks goes out to Civil for shaders/textures, Ninja Nub for face-posing, and Pvt. Jenkins for additional camo textures and body groups.

In the event that I’ve forgotten anybody/anything, please let me know.


Pictures of bodygroups:

One word: Beautiful

excellent, these’ll prove useful.

Awsome work! They look great!

Just what I was looking for, love you, no homo

I like it! Will you be releasing the Male Army and Marines?

Read the whole op.

Nice work as usual, Shotup.

Can you add a 3rd collision in the torso area? 2 is so incredibly unnatural for posing.

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That’s really the only thing with these models that bothers me.

Awesome as always, tell me; Are you planning on doing the male troopers in the future? (Not know OFC but maybe in a few months?)

He plans on it.

That, and I’m more than willing to step aside if anybody else has already been working on them and has made progress.

As for fixed physics, I’ll see when I can get to it.

Awesome models, though I notice there are 2 similar models without the mask. Is there any difference between them because I don’t really see any?

It’s not a massive difference, but they have slightly different face structures, like cheek bones, nose, ect.

This was fun to help work on, I’m glad I could have been of some help, also I was planning on making more gear variations but too late now I guess :v:.

Anyway great job Shotup!

Minor request - but any chance for the sources on the heads? Always usefull to have another set of fully faceposeable heads for working with.

Very beautiful :slight_smile:

I got bored with making a small pose with the model to see how it worked, Overall 10/10 job man.

Really good work amazing Job I loaded them up on SFM Its going to be fun using these XD


They are very nice, and I’ve tried posing with them.

One problem: The eyes have missing textures… :confused: