Halo Reach Grunts

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Halo Reach’s Grunts are ready to go! The mask and pack are bodygrouped for different variants, and they’ve got finger and face posing. I almost forgot that the armor is colorable with the color tool!
Credits go to Bungie for Halo and the game assets, and to Civil for shader work.

Nice release, I always assumed that they had some sort of a snout/beak for a mouth. Now I know otherwise.

Mmm. Sexy as fuck.

I always loved these little guys. Once the Covenant stopped being so murderous after 3 I was hoping maybe there’d be maybe a spinoff that was more story based and didn’t involve only blasting the little buggers.

My only complaint about Reach was not being able to kill them grunts more violently ingame.



Awesome, i love these guys.

The thing on their face is a gas mask and their back is a gas tank. They breathe methane, so that’s why there’s green stuff coming out of their backs if you pop 'em.

Nice as always.

BTW, you wouldn’t mind doing seperate props for the masks/backpacks? Seems a little strange these items can be removed from the main model with the bodygroup tool when the appropiate ‘gibs’ aren’t actually in existence…