Halo Reach: Helmet Props



Included are all the helmets from Halo Reach including their upgrades and an option for the cracked visor seen in the cut scene at the beginning and end of game.

Also included are an alternate version of the Mk. VI helmet textures as well as a cracked texture that isn’t effected by the color tool. Be careful not to overwrite when swapping them out.




Part 1: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=174704263
Part 2: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=174739352
Part 3: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=174745011

Any problems let me know so I can fix.

Credits: Atomicman - Models
Civil - Textures

Change log:

Now sfm compatible.

Hotness, these things are really useful.


Awesome, these will come in handy.

So epic! And will u make a Haunted pilot helmet?

Just something I made now using the helmets:


It’s a pity the actual in-universe Covenant aren’t predisposed to such simple, effective stealth tactics. Far more gentle on the economy than active camouflage.

Awesome models, man! Nice work! But they’re completely invisible in SFM :’( Can you fix 'em, please?

That cant be fixed because source filmmaker does not support translucent aka transparent parts on models.

The fix is pretty simple, actually. Just put “$ambientocclusion 0” on any materials that use $alphatest or $translucent.

Holy shit then thats perfect.

Nevermind, tried it and it didnt work on the reach weapons.

Had Nomad try that for me. didn’t work. He said that it didn’t even load up in the model viewer.

Great release, keep up the good work.

Great release! I imagine these will be used quite often in Halo-themed screenshots.

Or if you want to use AO then disabling and translucent or alphatest will also fix it, letting you keep the AO on. User preference, really.

with models that don’t show up properly in sfm I usually just turn ambient occlusion off. seems to fix it.

Then it’s a model issue. Nothing you do to a VMT will ever prevent a model from loading.
Make sure you’re always compiling models that are opaque with $mostlyopaque or $opaque in your QC, as well. It appears that’ll also cause this strange issue.

Trouble is, in most cases that will result in a much weirder looking final render than simply disabling AO on the affected material, since translucent and alphatest tend to control more important aspects of it.

still didn’t fix it.

Just bumping my own thread like an asshole to tell you guys that the helmets should be SFM compatible now. Just re download the link in the OP.

I hope you are using skins instead of separate models for every possible skin. Also, I suggest you add ability to bonemerge those to playermodels.

They only use skingroups for visors, the helmets themselves are colorable.