Halo Reach HUD

I’m actually worknig on a First person machinima and i need the Halo Reach HUD.Someone could make one please ?

Mind supplying a screenshot of the hud?

From here

I should actually make this, but i’m not promising that I will complete this.
Someone else should work on this just incase I fail deeply

Im starting work on this. The only thing i won’t have is the weapon display because i would need to draw shit for that and i cbf making icons

Just use the halflife2 font ones?

It would be a little … disturbing to have the 7 weapons displayed.

I suggest to add me on Steam (Ragarnok)

Just don’t add the weapons part but continue everything else. (I dunno if OP wants that though)

So ?

i think we need this

although i do want a hud that looks similar to f.e.a.r. 2’s hud

Halo: Reach HUD ftw!

So, it died ?

If i can get the materials and backgrounds for each part i could do it.

Urh, i never did anything with Materials and backgrounds so i can’t help you.


I’m now officialy (yeah) also requesting this! I can use this for my gamemode.

Zoey, i found someone who can do the Textures.

Three weeks later, she’s probably not checking the thread. Try PMing her.

I heard he/she’s in vacation or something, and she/he wont be on gmod.

You called?