****Halo Reach model----Kat-----


Will some one please make a ragdoll of Catherine AKA. Kat, from Halo Reach.

Yes this may sound impossible
Yes i bet thousands of people will download it
All credit will go to you
And yes you’ll have to start from scratch, or mabey you can use the halo 1 pc version of master chief and just edit him to look like Kat.

Thank you…

you may need to have money for someone to do this

Or he can be nice and not demand any one to do it.

i will give the person who makes the best Kat model,
A LARGE SUM OF…thank you’s.

sorry but i got nothing to give in return, unless you give ma a grand tutorial on modeling, then i will try and make it my self and i will post it here.
then go and make models for people for FREE !!!

Let’s see. Avatar is the Crysis cover art, doesn’t know how to capitalize, doesn’t know how to use apostrophes properly, overuses punctuation and demands instant satisfaction. Gentlemen, we have a n00b.

First off? Stop acting like a whiny bitch. It’s really annoying, and it makes you look like an ignorant fool. Seriously, are you 10 or something?

Second, the game’s only been out for what, a week? Porting from the 360 is damn near impossible. The only way it’s doable, AFAIK, is to reverse-engineer the model format, write a model viewer for the PC, and export from there. Something like that takes at least a month. Possibly much longer. Now, it may be easier, assuming Reach uses the same general codebase as Halo 3 and ODST, but it’s still a lot of work just to get the vertex/texture data. After that comes rigging, and then compiling. And setting up facial animation data, if you want faceposing. That’s another day’s work for a skilled modeler, a week’s work for an average one.

OK, first off who the F are you to judge who I am.
Second, ya I realize it’ll take a while to do but I am willing to do it my self or at least help in any way, shape or form that I can.
Notice in my first post I am asking for a tut on modeling and I gave a simple way of achieving this creation.
I have nothing to reward the person who is kind enough or has enough sport to fulfill at least one of my requests, sorry. After all this is a request form and I am not saying shit like,
“give me a damn Halo Reach model of Kat!”
“make me a model.”
I am simply asking for one and including enough information to make it possible.

Last but not least, I sure hope you don’t go around and post criticisms on other NOOBS posts. Now please chill and maybe help find a solution because I am sure you would like this model too. And what does my avatar have any thing to do with my noobish ways? What’s yours a fucking ninja penguin, OOOOOoooh WOW your cool!

get a damn life!

Chill out.

This guy alternates between proper grammar and “i-dont-give-a-fuk anese”. That’s funny.

Now seriously, is there a new model format for reach?

I’m Batman.

And, if you would learn to read, I included instructions on how to attempt this. However, since no one has yet been able to port Reach models, the process is loosely-defined and extremely difficult.

Normally, that’s fine. However, you’re being quite demanding, and a monetary incentive usually speeds the process along. I will say that ChopStix was a bit rude to bring money up so bluntly and quickly, but that’s another argument.

There’s a difference between “Could someone please port this?” and “CAN SOM1 MAEK THIS PLEEZ!!!11one@!”. Stated differently, a lot of what people “hear” isn’t what you say, but how you say it.

You’re also being kinda a dick about it. Rule #1: Don’t Be A Dick.

I criticize all, n00b and Gold Member alike. No one is above my harsh judgement.

Me? I’m so chill that I’m singlehandedly counteracting global warming. And, while I certainly wouldn’t say no to this model, I could definitely live without it. Besides, everything Bungie’s done since Marathon 2 has been a slow downhill slide.

On its own, your avatar is nothing remarkable. However, it is supporting evidence of your inexperience. I have seen at least four others on this very forum with identical avatars. Mine, however, is unique. You may think it simple, or uncool, but it is mine, and mine alone.

but even with cruise control you still have to steer”

Follow the Halo WIP model thread. Porting from Reach isn’t fully accessible just yet but probably will be in some months. There are guys here that are trying their best to port shit from Halo 3 and Reach.

Zteam has the capability and probably already have ported this character, but they’re pretty god damn exclusive with their tools and the content they port.

And what’s this about paying someone for ported content? That’s not even remotely legal, let alone ethical.

OK i am calmed now…

so how can i or someone make this model without an actual model from reach?

Not that exact model. A look-alike, at least for the helmeted version, might be made from the Halo 3 Spartans, but it looks like it would take a lot of modification, possibly some new parts, to get it done remotely well.

I think the best course of action is to wait for the Reach model format to be reverse-engineered. It can’t be too terribly different from the ODST format, given the time scales we’re looking at. You might see this model in about a month.

or maybey make it an open project, would you know of a good tut on modeling some were? iv’e had some experience and would love to give it a try, you know, to kill time as well…

I thought Zteam already had the ability to port from Reach, but they just don’t let anyone use their tools or something? Corra claims to have some tools that can port Reach models, but he hasn’t shown us anything. He might have some kind of connection with Zteam so he probably can’t release anything. He’s never elaborated on Reach porting so I don’t know anything for certain. All I know is that when he’s able/allowed to, he’s gonna forward the gun models to me and then I’ll be porting them to Source as CSS skins and whatnot.

Also, I’d only recommend attempting recreating this model if you’ve already got the experience to do so. You say you have some experience, but in what exactly? You need to know everything about making game models to make a replica of this that’s actually worth while.

Why do people have to be so stupid as to aks someone to port a model prom a NON PC game?

You would need a modelling expert who has the patience to do it from scratch, or they would have to get a different spartan model and tweak it alot.

What’s up with new people who make new threads, and some guy coming a long requesting something, a guy judges them then the newbie is all like “Blargh bleh im not a noob fuck you blarghh”. I learn’t that nothing in the request section every gets done, but it sometimes gives people ideas

I love when idiots say, “You can’t port from non PC games,” despite the recent releases of ODSTs, the Halo WIP thread, all the Nintendo characters that have been released over the years, and the Soul Calibur dudes(and chicks) we’ve been getting recently. Morons.

Anyways, troyissac, you should follow this thread if you’re interested in Halo stuff…

Yea, but didn’t roland get the models of SCIV from a website from another guy??

Who in turn got the resources from the game itself. You can port from console titles, it just requires that you reverse engineer the file system and formats, which is where most of the work takes place.

The thing about Halo is that the file system hasn’t changed drastically since the original game, or Halo 2 maybe. Hell, Bungie used the same exact skeletons for the guns in every game up to ODST (not sure about Reach since I haven’t seen any models ported yet). The file formats are what changed the most as far as I know, which is where work is being put in to reverse engineer them. Halo 3 and ODST are pretty much accessible now if you’ve got the right tools.

Anyway, like I said, just wait. Eventually you’re bound to get all of Noble Team if you’re patient enough and there isn’t too much commotion over it.