Halo Reach Needler 3DS max file?

Hello, I am attempting to build the Halo Reach needler, I imagine a few of you have seen the volpin props one, I am going for something like that. I cant go any further until I have the 3D file so I can analyse the measurements.

3DS Max file would be best although I would be open to other formats.

I have looked all over for this file, I even bought the damn game to try to rip it, but no luck, if anyone has it I would be forever in your debt.


It’s kind of pointless to re-make the model when you can just extract it from one of the maps it’s in with Adjutant after downloading the maps with an FTP client like Filezilla. You can grab Adjutant from this thread here, and here’s the FTP info to download the maps:

I’ve never used an FTP server before, but I’ve tried to enter the details for this one in 3 different clients now, It keeps telling me the connection failed. :frowning:

The connection seems to be down at the moment. I’ll try to upload some of the maps elsewhere, as this tends to be a common event.

That would be much appreciated bro, I am past myself looking for that bl**dy needler file :slight_smile:

I can’t seem to get anything to upload, but I did find out that the FTP location has changed slightly (which would explain why it wasn’t connecting earlier). If you don’t mind giving the FTP server another try, here’s the updated information:

So i managed to access the FTP I have downloaded one of the maps and located the needler folder, but there are no tutorials to extract the files, also it says I cant download the plugins, so adjutant doesn’t understand any of the files.

Maybe im just being retarded, but is there something I’m doing wrong that this just doesn’t work?
I will pay money for this file in 3DS format!

Save your money, you can still do this on your own. The Adjutant 4.1 update from that thread seems to be missing the Plugins folder in the download, so I’ll temporarily provide my copy that includes the plugins folder here for you.

okay so im getting somewhere now.

When I try to extract it as a .obj, I get this

Error extracting objects\weapons\pistol
–Could not find file ‘C:\Users\John\Downloads\shared.map’.

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Is there a specific map on that ftp I’m supposed to download?

You need to make sure that you also have the shared.map file downloaded to the same location as the other map.

YES!! Finally I did it, took me like 2 hours to download the shared file on my 100kbps connection, but yeah. I really appreciate your help man!

No problem.