halo reach noble team rip

can someone rip the models of noble team make them ragdolls? please?

Not yet.

First off, “ripping” from XBox360 is impossible. At least until someone writes an emulator that functions at usable speed. Thus, almost all 360 games are impossible to port from.

Halo 3, however, was reverse-engineered, so the file format is known. That’s how there’s ports from it. ODST used the same file format, and likewise had content ported. Reach, from what I hear, uses a slightly different engine, and the model data cannot yet be read. However, it probably isn’t too different from the earlier format, so it will probably be reverse-engineered within a few weeks, months at the latest. THEN you can ask for models.

there was some rips from the beta just sit back and relax we should have some reach models by fall.

Valve time?

Doesn’t work unless it’s Valve.

valve time would be like 2040