Halo reach pillar of autumn

I am looking for a 3d modell of the pillar of autumn in halo reach or one that looks like it

If anyone has a link or a copy of the PoA from CE or Reach, it would be the guys in the Halo porting thread. If there is not an existing one, then there are people qualified to do it in the Halo porting thread. You have already asked in the Halo porting thread, so instead of making an entirely new thread, perhaps you should wait for a PM, or a reply on the Halo porting thread.

You are clearly new here, so I’ll give you a piece of advice; the PM alert icon is up in the upper right corner of the website, next to your name. It’s the envelope. If a thread is bold when you come to the website, that means that there’s new stuff in the thread that you haven’t seen yet. Most of the stuff found on the Halo porting thread can either be found on the Steam workshops for Gmod and SFM, or on SFMLab.

Enjoy your time on facepunch, and welcome to the community :smile:

Where you the one who made this thread on Reddit as well?

Cause if so, then I was the one who replied to you with “my” model. I can’t really help you with Blender too much, though, as I’m not too comfortable with it. But I do know the basics, and I did notice that you’d have to scale down the model quite a bit and then centre it for you to have any idea of what you’re working with.