Halo Reach Props WIP

I am breaking tradition, and starting a WIP thread with a release





Growing collection of vehicles and world props from Halo: Reach

I am making this open to ideas, requests, and for people to point out bugs

-Most models have the original bungie skeleton, and can be posed with the Joint Tool
-Animated textures
-SFM-compatible (not tested)
-Includes civilian vehicles, some pioneer props, covenant vehicles, covenant props, and some other things
-each vehicle should have a damaged or destroyed version, if it has

Get them here:

Really excellent stuff! Particularly excited to have the Sabre. Any chance we could get the Covenant Seraph to go with it?

You uploaded the Reach materials with the ODST models.

Wow! Thanks heaps for the models mate!

I plan on doing the as much as possible, so yes~

Maybe these models you can port:



Elite Drop Pod (Reach Version)

Covenant Cruiser (Reach Version)


Covenant Corvette


I had forgotten about the covenant space ships, I may port them in both actual and skybox size

As lonefirewarrior said, they’re just the ODST models from the original pack. Yet now, they have missing textures.

this is just me? but why not just port everything and pack it into a raw folder and then upload that with your gmod pack

just finish porting what you plan to port and include them to the current workshop addon you have, it would be less complicated that way

There would be file size issue

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Covenant Space Craft, The Corvette and Cruiser(not picture) both have 1:1 scale and skybox scale


Everything ported so far

I would suggest you reply to the claims that discredit your pack.

Um, yeah. Don’t wanna be that guy, but…

Ya’ don’ goofed, Rena. Except, not really. It probably wouldn’t kill us to just wait until you release everything.

Oh! I am so sorry every one!

Here is actual version: http://www.mediafire.com/download/a5z3n0f058zujj9/Reach2.rar

I guess all is well that ends well, Rena. Still it’s cool to see someone working with Halo assets again. The last Halo thread Facepunch had hasn’t been updated in months. That made me think that Halo was old news after Halo 4. But that’s just my opinion.

I’ve looked through Halo 4’s assets and was… very bored XD

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I think .vmt for existing models are finished, and dynamic shadow seems to work, how do these look?

could you get the Librarian model?

not to be offtopic, but what map is that?

Looks like a Neotokyo map.

nt_engage or something like that, really pretty map

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I can extract the raw files, but I can’t make ragdoll or anything like that