halo reach sangheili (elite)

There is an old halo 2 elite on gmod.org but someone i think should make one from reach. just an idea in simple terms

Which model? Like, zealot… Minor…?

Reach models are still a no go for the time being. The most up-to-date Elite is Arby.


never know that could always change

I never said it isn’t going to happen. A couple months back, someone showed off some models that were from the Reach Beta, but nothing ever came of them. I’m optimistic about console ports. I’m sure some asshole once said ripping from Wii, PS2, Xbox and Gamecube was impossible. It won’t be too long until a brave soul figures out how to get models from 360 and PS3 as effeciently as the weaker systems…

… because I want some fucking Helghast to pose with.

They cracked the PS3 or something, I remember, so that you can run homebrew code and the PS3 won’t reject it. I’m sure a sufficiently advanced coder could use this to the modelling community’s advantage.

Someone should port the Halo 3 Elites to Gmod.
All colors.

Someone should check post dates.
All threads.

My Halo 3 Elites to Gmod All Colors porter should do the trick, since it’s clearly that easy.

No dude you had to download the elite ripper and then download the gmod all color porter

is that why I can never find it in the browse menu?


do i put .max files in Addons???

no you hex it into npc and put it into garrysmod folder

idk what hex is can u do it for me
ill pm u my steam account maybe u can put it on there???

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