Halo Reach Spartan Permutations?

Does anyone know where I can find the armour Permutations from reach separate from the armour? like shoulder plates chest pieces?

They don’t exist off the armour AFAIK. Except the helmets.

Also, use this thread when looking for models. Don’t spam the section with threads.


It was just a simple question. Besides its easier to ask than spend hours upon hours through model threads that may or may not have the desired model I am looking for.

Original model with the spartan permutations does not exist (in Gmod), like he said, only the helmets are made.

The models probably wont be made until something like Half-life 3 is released on source 2 and a proper Gmod sequel is made.

There is little motivation to do something in a game thats basically dead atm because of how its treated.

half life 3 he said

I uploaded some max files a while back from a previous request.

iirc, theres a max 2010 and 2012 file. Contains all armor pieces and permuations, you just have to do the work yourself to get them into gmod/w/e.

I could give it a go, not saying I will succeed :S

Someone has done them but I don’t think he is willing to share anymore, he has used them in his threads and videos.