Halo shit

I’m not a die-hard fan of Halo, but when it comes to a shoot-the-shit-out-of-aliens-24/7 kinda game singleplayer it’s not that bad.

Now Multiplayer sucks. That’s bad.

Anyway, I have the SENT addon ‘Pelican V4’ and I was bored at seeing the same shitty Halo 1 model.

Can we have an updated Pelican made, and probably some other flyable things in Halo so they can be made into SENT’s?

It’s about time shit got updated for that game if people talk about it alot (in the real world :ohdear:)

I would like to help you but it’s just that I’m really ashamed of myself for liking Halo. I don’t want my name to be tarnished with insults like “Halo-lover” or “Gay for Gaylo” or “Halo fag.” I don’t think I can take that kind of abuse. Sorry.

If you feel like taking the lazy man’s way out, you can do what I do: weld a model so it envelops the pelican, weld it all together, make the pelican invisible, and make an adv_dupe of it. I’ve made some pretty awesome looking ships from this model pack:
And the rest of the Halo ships are in here:

It’s not the same as spawning a SENT, but it flies and looks nice

That a pretty lame excuse over some just your reputation if you like halo, then you should do it, Over than people just saying shit.

I’m going with nexus on this one. I love halo, and I could give two shits about what people say. But that’s just me.

I love Halo too. But I’m mainly a console gamer, so no shame for me =D

If anyone has directions, I could probably rip the Halo 2 Models, I have it here.

Hammy’s Model Pack is seriously outdated with bad models.
I want new updated models that can be made into SENT so they are bloody use-able.

Why would I want this? Good fucking question, but eventually you come up with an idea that involves these things and they’re just not there.

I don’t really like Halo but the models are awesome and you should’nt think what others care about.

I have a massive download, and my internet is capped… I’ll be able to run the ripper in around half an hour, installing Halo 2 on this computer now.

Also, I’m wondering, would anyone be able to try re-texturing, and maybe even re-texture mapping the Pelican, and Warthog, to make it look better/newer?

A Halo 2 version of the Avalanche Warthog would be sick.

We’ll need a rigger for sure, though, if I have the models correctly, anyone up for it?

You probably wouldn’t even finish. I don’t like the game Halo very much but the models are pretty cool

Alright, the Ripper I’m trying to use won’t work with it, for some reason. It crashes after 2-3 minutes, and apparently hasn’t ripped anything. I tried 4 times in a cutscene, and once in gameplay.

Running as Admin didn’t help, I may try some more options with it later, depends if I’m bored or not.

That’s the thing about Halo.

You hate the game but for some reason like the apparent badass models.

Amber Clad and all that shit would need to be WAY smaller.

Can’t have huge/full-size versions because what use are they?

So, anything?

We need better models. I have Halo 1 and 2 for PC but I don’t know how to port the models/textures.

Does Halo shit look different from human shit?



Human shit is a little brown blob or slime.

Halo is some huge motherfucking game.


Your moms face. :byewhore:

Just kidding.
But still, :colbert:

I’ll try and port them over again. Halo 2 Vista keeps crashing on me, and I’m running DirectX10 on a Win7 64Bit. Probably not the best for it.

I’ll try ripping normally, and then the world inject mode. If neither works, you’ll need someone else to get them.

3D Ripper DX doesn’t work on windows Vista and 7.

Explains it. Should I boot my XP laptop, and try there?