Halo Spartan Assault Assets (Warning Low Quality)

So i have no clue why i spent the time on this when most of these characters are very low quality but some of the vehicles are based on units from Halo Wars like the Wolverine and more but atm i only got a small part of the Models and textures out. The Covenant Spirit from what i can tell is from the Halo CEA as it looks close to it and has a 1024x1024 texture.

So here are some Renders of the models and a download link.











So there you guys go i will have more up soon.


They’d be good for background fill in a project, another fantastic release Corra.

suddenly i wish i had halo wars assets also, could throw together a crap gamemode or something like that.

These do look a lot like Halo Wars models. The Wolverine for example, I don’t think that was in any other game besides Wars and this one.

Just out of curiosity, how did you get these? Plain old NinjaRipper?

Yeah good old ninja ripper, mainly all the models come out with their normals verts flipped but that’s super easy to fix.

But they remodeled the Wolverine for this game as it looks different from it’s halo wars counterpart.

i’ll have to replay halowars but i think the dropship is the same and maybe the covenant tanks.

Haha, these look adorable for some reason

yeah, adorable now but when they start shooting there’s running and screaming…

what are you on about, it gets even funnier then

id love to know how you got the hornets glass to display on the model

It was probably part of the map for the texture.

Also, don’t bump old threads.

I love low poly shit and I love Halo so I love this

Oh fuck it’s old?

awww, I wanted to see more :c

I currently work at the studio that made these, quite funny to see them pop up here :slight_smile:

Edit: heh, disagree with my current job?

check out my thread m8