Halo-style driving physics and suspension

Hey guys, I was curious if it would be possible with LUA to make halo-style suspension and the mouse controlled turning for a vehicle using LUA? I always found that the Halo series has some of the most fun vehicle driving when it comes to jeeps, and it would be quite fun for just racing in general in gmod.

And of course, would anyone be willing to attempt it?

For anyone that is unfamiliar of halo:


That is the type of driving physics he talks about.

Oh and about that warthog model in the video. There is a slim chance that we will get it in GMod.

Are you by any chance…part of CMT? Or just planning on porting it once a map containing it for CE is released?

And that warthog is pretty damn beautiful.

I got a friend that can trade with CMT, nothing more.