Halo Styled Radar [Help]

When the year began, I started making a Halo HUD and around the same time, I got extremely bored with Gmod. Anyways, I’m deciding to finish the HUD as I’m bored again. I know that Pillar is making a HUD using the exact same image template and he’s farther along than I am, but that won’t stop me from trying.

I need help to make a circular radar that is in Halo. I’m not quite sure where to begin on this so I’m hoping someone here has an example or ideas.
The radar uses pulses to detect enemies and friendlies in a 25 m radius. It blips red if they move or shoot. Pillar has a working radar here.

I know that you are thinking “Oh, you’re just copying Pillar.” and well technically I am but I didn’t know that he was working on the HUD until recently. It’s only a convenience that we use the same template.

I made a very very simple version of a radar and let most of the math get figured out by WorldToLocal / WorldToLocalAngles by simply using x and y from a player vector to lay the data on a 2d surface.

There are 2 versions, one which keeps all players visible at all times ( good for team-mates if PVS transmit is enabled properly ) and one which clips them ( stops drawing ) at the edge. The range is 100 feet or so if I recall correctly and I don’t recall making it easy to change the distance. I whipped this together as a super simple proof of concept, but it should be easy enough to figure out…



And some other hud related tuts:



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