Halo: UNSC ship maps

I know I’m not the only one out there who would be overjoyed to see at least some interest in this request to the point where they are wanting to work on this, so with that said these are the major things I believe halo Gmoders would greatly appreciate:

A Bridge:

Hanger bay:

Random hallways:

maybe some personal barraks, armory, and whatever else I can’t think of right now.

I know I’m requesting a lot but I’m doing so in the sense that a whole bunch of people would like it as much as I would.

Look before you leap.


Plenty of halo maps on garrysmod.org maybe you will find one that suits your needs.

most, if not all of those maps in that link have nothing to do with the interroir of a space ship.

Id say the closest you will get is pwninthedark’s Pillar of Autumn, it has the bridge and a small hanger type area.

That said if someone does find or make something else I would also be intrested in seeing it.

Thank you for the link. sad to say I forget to weld the ship to something and end up screwing everything up.

I’m also wandering if it would be possible for someone who had the knowladge (aka not me) to convert an already done map from halomaps. if so that be an easy fix for my halo addiction.



Hmm, I might try to give this a whirl in hammer, if no one else can find an existing creation.

I did a quick look around this morning before going to work. didn’t find anything.