Halo Wars Marine?

Has anyone seen a gmod npc or player model of this character anywhere yet I am also thinking of hiring someone to model it for me if that is possible.

That armor is awfully shiny.

nope none like that around, too bad we cant dx rip the pc game, given there isnt one, good luck findin someone who wants to model it… looks lika lotta work.

Thats a CGI Render, its pre-rendered into the game and saved in some format for the game to display. It’s just a rendered video.

Did you really think any PC or xbox could handle all those polys at once? For a straight 30 FPS or higher? It isnt possible, only frame by frame renders which take awhile.

No I’m not wanting this for a game I can take any kind of 3d file MDX, MDL, 3DS, OBJ, MQO, LWO and turn it into a papercraft so for the Marine armor the higer poly the better for me.

This would be an awesome request, just because of Facepunch’s Halo elitism doesn’t mean it’s not a good thing to request.

I mean someone can make it low poly if they want for gmod but I would like to have it high poly for myself. Also trying to find a high poly Master Chief.

You do not understand. High poly version of that! = 10 fps spawned.

I’m not wanting a high poly for a game I am wanting a high poly of it to turn the armor in to costume parts I can take any 3d file and turn it into a papercraft if you look on the 405th Pepakura Hub by doing a search those pepakura files were created from a 3d file.

I do not think anyone is interested in making you a costume.

This was’nt a request to have someone “build me a costume” it was a request to see if someone would assist me with making the 3d files which I will work with after they have been made in 3d. This is not only a request but a paid commision to have the work done unless everyone rips models on here but does’nt make them.

hmm, well since the rendered animations of the high poly characters in halowars are obviously just videos and not scenes based from the engine, not in realtime, therefore we cant rip the high poly marine files, only the lowpoly, microsoft paint textured, in game marines. so building one, (having one built) would be the only option. again, im a hard surface builider, so good luck finding one.

Just get a marine model from one of the other Halos. They all have the same armor.

LIES. no but to be real, that was kind of an ignorant post. lol

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Yeah, are you sure this is an in-game photo? I haven’t played it, but I can’t imagine an RTS having models that high-poly.

That is a cinematic scene.

The diffrence in Halo Wars and Halo 3 Marines for example is the main chest plate for instance it is in pieces and the H3 Marine is one solid chest plate.