Halo Wars Models?

could someone port the models from halo wars?

If I was provided the raw files I could, yes

To you the truth I’ve been secretly hoping someone would get these for years now. In retrospect I doubt it would be a good idea, since they’re most likely going to look really lousy when you scale them up. Or, maybe not. Who knows.

How would you get the raw files anyway? Same method as Halo 3 I presume?

I think model quality is better than H2, and about same as H3.

Personally, I don’t think that method would work. If I remember correctly, the game uses an updated variation of the game engine used in Age of Mythology: The Titans. Unless the same method for Halo 3 does actually work, I think it would be necessary to look for another method.

They would be much lower quality then Halo 3. Maybe equal to Halo CE. Heres the largest scale quality I could find, even at this distance the models are blurry and very rigid.


i’m actually more interested in the vehicles, buildings and map geometry than anything and i have heard a rather interesting thing that the cutscenes are rendered ingame rather than a pre render.

i dont think youve seen the cutscenes.

Yeah this isn’t in-game.

could be some of the halo 4 cutscenes have a similar quality and are ingame of course there’s a huge gap in technology between halo 4 and halo wars.

i want to believe you… but, i’m still struggling with multiplier memory’s of them.

Yeah, in-game cutscenes are fairly common but I doubt it’s the case with Halo Wars. But still, like he said some buildings models would be nice. Especially the Insurrectionist Arctic base.

anyway, i found a xentax it isn’t much but may be a start.

not entirely sure whats .ugx are or even what program they are using to view the hex data.


found theses.