Halo Wars: UNSC Vulture

Could someone make the Vulture from halo wars?

it looks like this

This would be awesome! It’d be even better though if it were a sent and had guns already on it.


OMG! Sorry for the bump! I didn’t realize this was from March 2009. Sorry! Please don’t ban me!

that may be difficult to make, but someone should be able to pull it off.

But it’s from Halo Wars D=

The overly, not halo, like not halo at all, game. All designs are wrong, proportions are awfull, and everything is over saturated. Not even the designs are bungie made I believe.

this would be awesome to have to pose with

Of course the proportions are awful. If you had them actually in game, Grunts would be dwarfed by the Wraiths they run beside, making it harder to see, and the Wraiths would in turn be dwarfed by the Vultures, ditto with the Scarabs, making all of the models seem dinky and very hard to see.

  • And alot more fun in my opinion. Scale of the units does alot in videogames.
    I’ve always liked realism in games, so by just having everything properly proportioned, it get’s more immersive. If you see a tank rolling in, just about the same size in height and width compared to your one soldier, the tank looks alot more friendlier and harmless. Not like a death-bringing-war-machine at all.