Halo weapons?


I was wondering if anyone have a link to some halo weapons (Since i need some to pose with) like halo reach weapons and/or H3: ODST weapons?


Woah woah woah. Stop.

You can’t ask for people to link for halo 3 or reach weapons when there are not made any.

The soonest you will get Halo 3 weapons is in a couple of days from BlooCobalt.

There are some weapons, i saw some pics on the Halo reach spartan thread, where he had posed with a DMR AND a ODST SMG.

Those were extremely low quality models that were made for Halo Custom Edition that he ported.
When I say extremely I mean Half-life 2 world models looks better.

We released a smg that was not low quality that was ripped awhile ago and a pack of unsc weapons.

Was it the Silenced version?

Only the smg view model was not so low quality.

The world model and unsc weapons “beta” were beyond shit quality.

To wait for some really good quality models 10-20 days give or take when BlooCobalt releases his very high quality weapon models.

http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=105354 pistol from halo 3 and a swep that has the model for the smg it in it.

http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=102622 All halo 3 human weapons almost all not rocket launcer or pistol.

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When was the last time you released a prop that was “good”?

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I at-least am able to put all the textures needed on map parts from halo, add bump maps, cube map reflections and self illumination.

They have all the textures.

The ma5c got missing ammo count texture. All of the weapon models got one or two parts where you can see through where you should not.
I should not forget that all of the weapons that they released as a “beta” look better in fullbright than with lighting on.
That is because the smoothing groups are really not well done, if there are any.

Then you re make them in your “perfect” image and stop pestering us about quality when I have never seen you release anything that was of any better quality.

I dont have to re-make them at all. BlooCobalt has been working on high quality halo 3 weapons for a long time now and is releasing them within days.

I released the halo 3 odst highway and other halo 3 odst map textures that had self-illumination, bump maps and cube map reflections.
I am still working on more halo 2, halo 3 and halo 3 odst textures so that mappers can have more future themed textures.

I will be converting all the weapons from all the halo games except reach soon, If you can show patience until then you will get what you want.

Perfection takes patience :stuck_out_tongue:

That SMG pack I made ages ago is lost, unless Corra or Acepilot kept the original archives with all the files in them. Filesmelt deleted the upload ages ago and I didn’t have my dropbox when I released the pack. Besides, the animations were a bit dodgy.

I did do a recompile of the SMG on different animations though. I’ve got it here but it’s only with the Halo 3 spartan hands. I don’t have a bunch of compiles with different hands and stuff.

I did release the Halo 3 beam rifle awhile ago.


There are not many, Halo 3 Or Reach High quality models out yet, I would suggest using these in the time being


I released some 3d models of a couple reach weapons. But they were extremely high Poly.

They were made by some modeller that has nothing to do with bungie or 343 studios.
They had no uv-maps, textures and are completely useless in every way.