Halp! Madcow weps shooting through walls.

Hello guys, I just tested mad cows sweps for my server its good but it shoots through walls that are made of concrete or bricks and I really dont like that, any of you know any fix for this?

I have tried several mad cow downloads.

thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Go to your “Mad Cows Weapons” folder, then into “lua”, then “effects”, and delete “effect_mad_penetration_trace”

I will do that thank you :slight_smile: hope it works.

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this didnt work :C

Doesen’t this just delete the effect?

i think the penetration function is inside the init.lua of the weapon base.

anyway somone can find it and fix it xD?

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I found out my self… for anyone else that might wonder, enter lua/weapons go into the weapon_mad_base (depending which base you want to change there are the normal base,shotgun base and sniper base)

go into shared lua on sniper base and normal base and locate SWEP.Penetetration and put it to false.

its on line 14 :slight_smile:

what… stop posting “help” when you have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about at all.

I’m sure somewhere in the sweps base there is a function to check if it can penetrate. It probably returns a bool of some sort, make it return false. If you post the function i can help a bit more.

also you shouldn’t change the base… you should change it in the swep.

He wants all of the weapons to have no penetration. It’s a pain in the ass to go through around 30 files to add a simple line of code.

well it worked for all the sweps… and skullorz yes I agree with you if I had to edit all the weps it would be pain.

you still shouldn’t.