Halp? New Server how to do "Force Downloads" !!Plz respond!!

Well ive made a new server and my friends have been bugging me to make it RP i have and did all the svn and stuff but idk how to make the server “force” people to download the addons or maps that i have, ive looked at the tutorial on it but im completely clueless and it makes no sense whatsoever Any other tutorials or links you could give will gladly be accepted!.


It’s like they’re not even trying anymore.

What do you mean by they’re not even trying anymore?

You. You’re not even trying. Trying to find the right section.

Sryz im new to this site and all of this stuff…

Not really an excuse when the section you’re looking for is an inch and a half away.

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Lucky for you Asaratha moved it for you.

Don’t tell him, we will have one less DarkRP server ran by 12yr olds.

Ahh you got me there Macintosh only thing is im not that young and 2nd is this server will be private to my friends only so its not that bad

Proved me wrong, sorry for bothering you.


http://wiki.garrysmod.com/favicon.ico](http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Resource.AddFile)** and **[G.AddCSLuaFile


All the help i can give you, its now up to you to make something.

tl;dr Read the Wiki.