Halp Urgent

Ok I Just Bought A Nitrous Network Garrysmod Server And I Cant Update My Server :frowning:

When I Click To Update (Clicking Update Steam) And It Finished It Dosent Update :((( Please Help Me
Do I Have To Use Console Or What? Help Me

(User was banned for this post ("Undescriptive thread title, wrong section, use proper grammar, why are you even asking us this" - postal))

Its “help” not “halp”, there is no reason to spell it wrong and it makes you look dumb

Did you seriously go out of your way to capitalize every word? That like, decreases typing speed by twofold.

Maybe You Should Contact The Host.

But Exho Capitalizing Every Word Makes It More Important Sounding Also Theirs Nothing Wrong With Using Halp Its Funny XDDDDDD