Hamachi + Dedicated Server = No one can join from network

Pretty much, I’m hosting a Hamachi Dedicated server for a few friends of mine while I can’t get an actual server yet. No one but me can connect. I’ve tried multiple IP’s for people to join off of, none work. Anyone know how I can like, set the IP to my Hamachi IP? Local servers work fine as long as sv_lan is 0.

If you launch a server with HAMACHI’S IP then other people will have to connect to your hamachi’s network wich is like pretty impossible to have a success server with that system.

and why can’t you do it the conventional way of just opening ports on your firewall and modem and hosting a listen server correctly?

I have to agree with Kiwi on this, if it’s just for a few friends why not just run a listen server this is super simple and all you need to do is open a port 27025 for example and it will be fine. If you are worried about opening ports on your router than just close it when you are not running the listen server.

cos not everyone is able too

assuming hamachi is running properly (though i wouldn’t use it, i find it unsafe, there’s better protected vpn style things like hamachi but they might not support gmod) then using -ip you should be able to set the server to use your hamachi ip on the client, then i’m fairly sure sv_lan would have to be 1 and that should work, if not then idk

This issue is solved. I already helped him. Sorry.